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Choose Dr. Charlie for your primary care service in Lafayette, LA

Whether you are sick or just need a yearly check-up, Dr. Emily Charlie is here for you. Dr. Charlie provides primary care service from her office in Lafayette, LA, right behind Lafayette General Hospital. She can discuss your concerns with you and provide a plan of action to improve your health. If you should require specialized care, she can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

You can come to Charlie Internal Medicine Group Incorporated for...

Your annual wellness visit
Management of medical conditions, both acute and chronic
And any other primary care needs

Schedule an appointment, contact our office at 337-484-1091.

Consistent care you can rely on

Consistent care you can rely on

At Charlie Internal Medicine Group, you won't be shuffled around between doctors. Dr. Charlie is the sole practitioner, so you will always meet with your doctor. She's dedicated to providing an excellent experience for all patients ages 17 and up. You can discuss your health issues in a safe environment and get the care you need to live a healthier life.

Contact us today for quality healthcare in a welcoming environment. Charlie Internal Medicine Group will treat you like family.