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Manage your symptoms with healthier living

Medication is not always the entire answer to health concerns. Dr. Charlie practices holistic medicine and can help you find ways to develop healthier habits. She will work with you to create a personal wellness plan that can help improve your overall health. You will receive strategies that work with your medication regimen to help you manage your health concerns.

Visit our office in Lafayette, Louisiana to receive care from an osteopathic physician.

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Create a Plan to Improve Your Overall Health

Dr. Charlie can work with you on a personal wellness plan in Lafayette, LA

Do You Have General Health Concerns?

Our general practitioner in Lafayette, LA can give you the care you need

Conveniently located behind Lafayette General, Charlie Internal Medicine Group Incorporated is a medical practice offering primary care services to patients in Lafayette, LA. Our general practitioner, Dr. Charlie, is an osteopathic physician who promotes a combination of healthy living and traditional medicine.

Dr. Charlie performs...

Annual checkups and physicals | General care for sick patients | Specialist referrals

Our practice is dedicated to your comfort, safety and privacy while sharing your health concerns and receiving proper care. Call our office at 337-484-1091 to schedule an appointment with a caring general practitioner in Lafayette, LA.

Primary Care

Take care of your annual checkup or get care for your illness.

primary care service lafayette la

Diabetic Care

Develop a strategy to manage your symptoms better.

diabetic care lafayette la

Health Management

Get advice for leading an overall healthier lifestyle.

Health Management